I love Science, Microscopy, and Communication!

I am an Evo-Devo Biologist with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences and specialized in microscopy.


In my research, I have been challenged to find solutions to scientific problems, including building a custom-made incubation chamber, learning ancient embryological techniques, or finding genes that regulate cell fate in development. And because I believe that science is made for the community, I was happily able to publish my own and my colleague’s results by authoring or co-authoring 7 scientific papers.


In the last years, I have become manager of a Microscopy Unit, where I trained more than 60 researchers in using different microscopes. Here I had the pleasure of seeing the joy on their faces when seeing their results before their eyes and successfully immortalized in beautiful images.


I am an enthusiastic science communicator and I love exciting audiences with the wonders of my work in science, having received 2 conference talk awards for that. I have also taken great delight in organizing several meetings and symposiums, alone and part of a team, and participating in various outreach activities. In these especially, I never get tired of seeing the participant’s reactions of surprise and happiness with the science shown, irrespective of age and academic level.


When I am not solving problems or sharing my love for science, I am an avid, but modest Padel Tennis player and love exploring sci-fi and fantasy fiction.