I am a full time scientist, and curiosity is my main driver. I am passionate about Open Science and I am always keen on establishing new collaborations.


I use Computational Biology/Bioinformatics as a way of answering biologically relevant questions. I have used OMICs datasets to study the genetic regulation of cancer, early vertebrate embryo development, stem cell differentiation, and mitochondrial evolution.

Values | I value transparency, diplomacy, and openness. I am a strong believer in mutual respect and understanding. I advocate and apply reproducible and open research practices.


I love to read, to play ukulele, to think, to learn and to teach, to discuss new ideas, and to engage in outdoors activities with my friends.

I regularly organize get-together evenings of relaxed scientific discussions or board game nights, over tea and homemade cake.

Others describe me as creative, curious, upbeat and reliable. I see myself as transparent.