Pattern Institute at Ciência 2023

Debut appearance at the University of Aveiro, Portugal


Isabel Duarte


July 5, 2023

The scientific meeting Ciência 2023 aims to discuss and showcase the current state of the Portuguese scientific landscape to an engaged audience of scientists. This year’s edition centered around the theme “Science and Ocean Beyond the Horizon” and it took place, for the first time, outside of Lisbon.

Ramiro Magno at Ciência 2023 at the University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Ramiro Magno attended the meeting to gain insights into the scientific panorama in Portugal, and to listen to speeches by Elvira Fortunato, the Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education; and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa. Both speakers expressed profound appreciation for the scientific community and pledged to foster scientific research in Portugal. They emphasized its pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of knowledge, contributing to transformative discoveries that shape our society, and providing valuable insights for political decision-making and strengthening democratic institutions.

As the Pattern Institute looks to the future, its participation in such scientific gatherings will play a crucial role in fulfilling its mission. Beyond networking opportunities, these events provide a platform to disseminate the scientific works developed under the institute’s umbrella, thereby advancing its objectives.