Pattern Institute

The Pattern Institute is an independent, nonprofit association that promotes scientific research, training and outreach in complexity science. By studying collective behaviors that extend beyond the isolated examination of individual parts, we seek to comprehend the intricate nature of complexity found in all scientific domains — physical, biological, social, and technological.


In May 2023, a group of scientists with a shared interest in complex systems across various scientific domains came together to establish a grassroots research center. Motivated by a desire for boundless cooperation and a creative outlet for their scientific passions, they envisioned a space where interdisciplinary collaboration could thrive. The center aims to became a venue for open dialogue and innovative thinking, attracting researchers keen on exploring the intricacies of complex systems beyond traditional academic boundaries. Through this initiative, the group laid the foundation for a cooperative and engaging environment conducive to advancing understanding and knowledge in the realm of complex systems.



As a research institution, we champion grassroots values to foster a culture of inclusivity, participation, and collaboration among our researchers, believing that innovation flourishes when individuals are empowered and have a sense of ownership in their research endeavors.


Our research institution values adhocracy for its ability to foster innovation through flexible structures, fluid collaboration, decentralized decision-making, and a dynamic approach to emerging challenges, creating an ecosystem that thrives on collective intelligence and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


At our institution, we promote scientific skepticism to challenge the norm, fueling a quest for truth and innovation by encouraging questioning and the courage to explore uncharted territories, thereby fostering progress and unlocking new potential in our collective journey of discovery.

Fractional scholarship

Fractional scholarship refers to a flexible academic arrangement that allows individuals to engage in scholarly research and contribute to academic discourse, potentially alongside other professional or life commitments, without being bound to the full-time structures and constraints of traditional academia. By establishing an institution focused on fractional scholarship, we aim to unlock the untapped potential of researchers, enabling them to pursue their research interests flexibly, which enhances scholarly knowledge by allowing for a balanced engagement with other personal or occupational commitments.

Open Science

The Pattern Institute values open science, embracing a culture of transparency, accessibility, and collaborative engagement in the pursuit of expanding and sharing knowledge.


Our research center values polymathy, which is reflected in our pursuit of research questions across all fields of science, fostering a broad-based approach to inquiry and discovery.


We value playfulness, fostering a lively and imaginative environment that encourages creative exploration and innovative thinking in research pursuits.